Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Justice's story by the National Assoc. of Children's Hospitals

Watch another story about Justice Thomas and why she traveled to Washington D.C. Click here.

Some of the pictures that I (Justice) took while in Washington D.C

My mom(Mindi) and me in front of The Washington Monument!
The Lincoln Memorial
I went to Washington D.C with N.A.C.H ( and the Childrens hospitals) The Presidents house/The White House at night
The view of the clouds out my window on the airplane

Monday, June 23, 2008

Photo gallery of Justice's trip to D.C.

(Justice takes the Capitol)

(Signing the guest book at Congressman Jim Jordan's office)

(Justice and mother, Mindi, with Congressman Jim Jordan from the 4th district in Ohio)

(Talking with Mr. Jordan and Wes from his staff)

(Justice and her mom, Mindi, talk with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown)

(Justice and Senator Sherrod Brown)

(Justice being interviewed by the WHIO Washington Bureau Chief Carol Han)

(Justice with Congressman David Hobson from the 7th district in Ohio)

(Justice with Congressman Mike Turner from the 3rd district in Ohio)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey Everyone!! Sorry I haven't had a blog up for a while, I made one and it said it published but I guess it didn't! Sorry!! Alright I had the best time in Washington D.C!! I got to met Senator Brown, Mike Turner and David Hobson! Mike Turner, Mike Turner and David Hobson are really big supporters, and I thank you for that! Unfortunately something came up so we couldn't see Senator Voinovich. But I wish I could have met him. I will get pictures put up her as soon as i figure out how, so keep watching for them! Love, *~Justice~*
~Thanks Vicki G. for letting me go and putting up with me and my mom for 2 days! Sometimes we can be a handful~