Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Justice's story by the National Assoc. of Children's Hospitals

Watch another story about Justice Thomas and why she traveled to Washington D.C. Click here.

Some of the pictures that I (Justice) took while in Washington D.C

My mom(Mindi) and me in front of The Washington Monument!
The Lincoln Memorial
I went to Washington D.C with N.A.C.H ( and the Childrens hospitals) The Presidents house/The White House at night
The view of the clouds out my window on the airplane

Monday, June 23, 2008

Photo gallery of Justice's trip to D.C.

(Justice takes the Capitol)

(Signing the guest book at Congressman Jim Jordan's office)

(Justice and mother, Mindi, with Congressman Jim Jordan from the 4th district in Ohio)

(Talking with Mr. Jordan and Wes from his staff)

(Justice and her mom, Mindi, talk with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown)

(Justice and Senator Sherrod Brown)

(Justice being interviewed by the WHIO Washington Bureau Chief Carol Han)

(Justice with Congressman David Hobson from the 7th district in Ohio)

(Justice with Congressman Mike Turner from the 3rd district in Ohio)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hey Everyone!! Sorry I haven't had a blog up for a while, I made one and it said it published but I guess it didn't! Sorry!! Alright I had the best time in Washington D.C!! I got to met Senator Brown, Mike Turner and David Hobson! Mike Turner, Mike Turner and David Hobson are really big supporters, and I thank you for that! Unfortunately something came up so we couldn't see Senator Voinovich. But I wish I could have met him. I will get pictures put up her as soon as i figure out how, so keep watching for them! Love, *~Justice~*
~Thanks Vicki G. for letting me go and putting up with me and my mom for 2 days! Sometimes we can be a handful~

Friday, June 20, 2008

Justice interviewed by WHIO-TV's Washington Bureau

Justice Thomas was interviewed by WHIO-TV's Washington Bureau yesterday in D.C. Watch her story by clicking here.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good morning!! Saying hello from Washington D.C. again. I am having a blast in Washington D.C. Yesterday i got to meet and talk to Reps. Jim Jordan and Wes from his staff. Mr. Jordan said that he would be a supporter of Graduate Medical Education for Childrens hospitals! Mr. Jordan even knew someone from my home town, Brookville! They were so nice to talk to! I got to meet Stephaine Milburn from John Boehner's office. Today I am going to talk to Mike Turner and his office offered to give me a tour of the Capital building! I can't wait to go tour the capital building, it will be so much fun! I will take lots of Pictures. I am also going to meet Senators Brown and Voinovich, and I'm also going to meet Mr. Dave Hobson. Which he is a bid supporter of Childrens hospitals and kids like me! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watch Justice's story on WDTN Channel 2 that aired Monday night and Tuesdsay afternoon.

Good Afternoon! Greetings from Washington D.C!! This is my second day in Washington with Dayton Childrens hospital. The first day we had extra time to do what-ever my mom and I wanted to do, but today is going to be a very busy day! So far today I woke up this morning and ate breakfast at Starbucks! Then after breakfest I went on a sight- seeing tour with all the other kids, with other childrens hospitals. I just got finished with a lunch that N.A.C.H has provided. In about an hour I am going to talk to Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. John Boehner about law things! I can't wait it will be soooo much fun! I will hopefully blog tonight about talking with the Reps. and I will try to put pictures of Washington on my next one! I'm haveing so much Fun here!!:) Love, *~Justice~*

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Morning! Today I leave for Washington D.C! I am going with Dayton Childrens hospital. My plane leaves at 3:30p.m! I am getting so excited to get to go. I can wait to meet all the other kids that are going with other hospitals! I will get to exchange my (business like) card with other kids, so we can keep it touch with each other! I will upload pictures on my blog when I get chance to, so be ready! Love, *~Justice~*

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello Everyone! Today I got interviewed by channel 2 with Marsha Bonhart. She asked me about what I would tell the legislators when I go to Washington D.C and what I want to see! I told her that I hope to make a difference and help them understand that kids are in need of Childrens hospitals. It airs on the 5 o'clock news tonight!
I can't believe it, I leave for Washington D.C with Dayton Childrens tommorrow! While I'm there I can take pictures then upload them on my blog, so be on the lookout for cool pictures of Washington! :) Love, *~Justice~*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello!! Have you all heard that I leave for Washington D.C on Tuesday afternoon? I'm sure you have but you haven't heard who I want to meet, or where I want to go in my spare time! While I'm there I want to meet: Legislators, new friends, and maybe even the President of the United States/ Candidates running for president. In my spare time I want to tour Washington D.C, meet new people,and blog! I'm so excited to get to leave for WashingtonD.C with Dayton Childrens hospital on Tuesday! I'm so honored to get to go to D.C with Dayon Childrens hospital. Thanks Childrens for everything!! Love ~Justice~

Friday, June 13, 2008

You already know that I am/was an ambassador for Dayton Childrens hospital, but you don't know ALL the wonderful people that I have gotten to meet!! Some of them include: Dierks Bentley, Vicki G., Duke H., Beth! Also I have met Nancy and Steve from K99.1! To them I'm Glitter Girl, because I wear lots of glitter. I have also got to meet Debbie Butner and Linda VonMorh. They have always helped us when we are lost, getting to a hospital event, and they have always been there for us! Also i have met a bunch of wonderful kids in my Kids Speak Youth Advisory Council meetings! They are all so much fun to be around!:) So you can tell that I have meet a bunch of amazing people, but I hope to meet so many new more! Love, ~Justice/ Glitter Girl~
Good Morning! Have you ever been to Dayton Childrens hospital and seen such wonderful staff they have? I have and there staff is great! My favorite surgeon is Dr. Christian, and my favorite G.I doctor is Dr. Metzoff:) In my 2006 visit I stayed on 3 East and all of the staff was very special to me. However my favorite were Emily, Pam, Jamie!:) Another special lady that is close to me is Sadie. She is always there to encourage me and tell me that i am doing a good job, and looking good! If you ever have to go to Dayton Childrens I know you will enjoy the wonderful staff!


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello again!! I was just wanting to explain to you how great the care was that I got in the hospital. While I was in the hospital they treated me like royalty you could say! They would come to me when I needed something, they would comfort me in times of need, and they would explain things when I didn't get it. They treated me like the hospital was my second home! When I was at Dayton Childrens I would always tell my mom that I wanted to rent out the playroom and have my birthday party there! That would be my dream is to have my birthday at Dayton Childrens and give all the presents to the kids in need! This year at the Dance marathon at U.D I am going to have a whole hour for Justice's birthday party! I am so excited to go and have my birthday party at an event that raises money for Childrens hospital!!:)
Hello! My name is Justice Thomas, and I am 13 years old. My favorite hobbies are dancing, cheerleading, acting, and writing to my pen-pal. I have been in and out of the hospital since I was born. When I was born I was premature weighing only 2 lbs. 3 oz. and had a dozen ulcers and a blood clot in my stomach. There was many times in my life that I have been in Dayton Childrens due to many illnesses and ulcers. In 2006 I was readmitted into the hospital for 5 1/2 weeks, I was admitted for bleeding ulcers and 2 major bowel ubstructions. The hospital gave me amazing care and comfort! Two years later I am healthy again and looking forward to going to Washington D.C!!
Justice Thomas

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meet Justice Thomas

Justice Thomas, 13, has suffered from hematemesis – an illness that causes her to throw up blood – since she was born, but her life has been drastically improved through her experiences and treatments provided by her local children’s hospital, The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton.

Justice Thomas and her family will travel to Washington, D.C. on June 18 and June 19 to speak with federal lawmakers about an issue of vital importance to them – the fate of children’s health care and the essential role that children’s hospitals play in the community.

The Thomas family will join patients and families from children’s hospitals across the country to advocate on behalf of their hospitals as part of the fourth annual National Association of Children’s Hospitals Family Advocacy Day.

Follow Justice and her family as they make this very important journey.

Welcome to The Children's Medical Center blog!