Friday, November 13, 2009

Toys for Language Stimulation in Toddlers

Choose toys this holiday season that will get your toddlers talking! Here are some recommendations from our pediatric language and speech pathologists to help you and your toddler develop strong language skills.

1. Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper $26.99

  • Target words could include “ball, in, out, pop, stuck, more, ready-set-go, all done, want” (Ex: want ball, ball stuck, more balls)
  • Dump all of the balls out in your lap and require child to request balls one at a time using words/signs. Use target words as able.
2. Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Chunky Puzzle $8.54

  • Target words could include animal names & sounds, “in, out, push, more, put on” (Ex: pig in, cow on top, baby chick)
  • Talk about each piece before child puts it in. Require them to label or request each piece before putting it in.

3. Melissa & Doug Pizza Party $14.12

  • Target words could include “want, cut, more, top, eat, on, off, pepper, mushroom, pizza, meat” (Ex: want cut, more meat, cut pizza)
  • Require child to label or request each piece before putting it on the pizza.
4. Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones $12.16

  • Target words could include “ice cream, cone, put, on, eat, more, top, colors, big” (Ex: blue on, you eat, more ice cream)
  • Take turns putting on a scoop of ice cream. Use “my turn, your turn” and then request a word/phrase before putting on the ice cream.
5. Fisher-Price Toddlerz Spiral Speedway $21.99

  • Target words could include “ready, set, go, car, more, down, up, stop, stuck” (Ex: cars on, cars go, cars down)
  • Hold cars and have child request for them. Say ready, set, and wait for them to say go!
6. Mr. Potato Head $18.16

  • Target words could include body parts, “put in, push, more” (Ex: want arm, hat on, eyes in)
  • Take two pieces and let child have a choice. Have them request which piece they want and then let them put it in.
7. Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm $34.97

  • Target words could include animal names & sounds, “play, eat, in, out, on, climb” (Ex: want pig, pig eat, play farm)
  • Hold an animal and model a phrase for the child to say, have them repeat it and then give it to them to play with.
8. Fisher Price - Little People Lil' Movers School Bus $21.99

  • Target words could include “bus, go, fast, people, in, up, stairs, ride, window, beep” (Ex: bus go fast, people in, climb up, riding)
  • Take turns putting the people on the bus. Before they climb in, say “climb stairs/climb up” and have the child repeat. Use the same concept when they are sitting down, riding, or getting off.
9. Fisher Price Sesame Street Giggle Microwave $34.97

  • Target words could include “food, cook, eat, hot, bite, open, close” (Ex: food in, food hot, you eat, I eat)
  • Hold two choices of food up to put in the microwave and have child request one. Practice counting as you wait for the food to be ready.
10. Hasbro Playskool Busy Gears $15.96

  • Target words could include colors, “put, on, push, ready, set, go, turn, spin”
  • Practice counting gears as you put them on. Say “ready, set,” and wait for the child to say “go” to push the button.
11. Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse $69.99

  • Target words could include “mommy, daddy, brother, sister, puppy, sit, eat, walk, climb, jump, play, sleep, open, close” (Ex: mommy sleeping, dog playing, girl climbing)
  • Take turns playing with one doll and talk about what the doll is doing and have the child repeat.
12. Sesame Street Elmo Building Set $10.97

  • Target words could include body parts, “on, more, push, all done”
  • Have child say each body part before putting together.
13. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set $15.97

  • Target words could include “I do, me, pour, drink, eat, more, please”
  • Wait for child to say “pour” then tip over teapot and wait for pouring sound.
14. LeapFrog Tag Junior book pal $29.97

  • Good for prereading skills
15. Baby Signing Time Volume 1-3 DVDs $16.49

  • Helps to teach early signs.
  • Pair verbal word with signs when practicing.
16. Small World Living Toys Fun-with-Fruit $19.99

  • Target words could include “cut, more, eat, food names” (Ex: want more, cut apple, all done, more food)
  • Cut food one at a time talking about each piece before giving it to the child. Require a verbalization/sign before giving him the food.
Note: All toys were available at as of November 2009. Please note that not all toys will be appropriate for your child and are dependent upon his/her developmental level.

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