Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Eight ways to keep children warm and safe

We're starting to see colder temperatures and some of that fun, white stuff! Make sure to follow these tips from our pediatric experts to keep kids safe during their winter break (and all winter long).
  1. Dress children in layers and have them wear insulated boots. Double socks and double mittens will keep children insulated and add a little extra warmth. Mittens are warmer than gloves because they keep all fingers together.
  2. Change socks and mittens frequently. If children sit in wet, cold clothing they may be more susceptible to illness including hypothermia or abnormally low body temperature.
  3. Remember to cover the body’s most susceptible regions: ears, fingers and toes. Keep hats on children because most body heat escapes from the head.
  4. Clothes should be kept dry.
  5. Set reasonable time limits on outdoor play– bring children in periodically to warm up and change from any wet clothing.
  6. Check children every 15 to 20 minutes to make sure they aren’t too cold and their layers remain ON.
  7. If you are in an area with deep snow, dress children in bright-colored clothing so they can be seen among snowdrifts.
  8. Don’t forget sunscreen. The winter sun reflects off winter snow increasing dangerous rays.
Children should be encouraged to play in the snow and enjoy this weather but parents should make sure weather conditions are appropriate for playing outside. With proper precautions children can be safe and have a great time enjoying winter weather.

For more tips about safe winter play visit our website.

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Blanket America said...

Thanks for the lovely tips...I always layer my child because sometimes when she is fussy and takes away the first layer there are still protections inside.