Monday, August 30, 2010

Dayton Children's 2010-2011 Kohl's a Minute for Kids Campaign Launches!

Each year, Kohl’s Department Stores raises money for children’s initiatives nationwide through its Kohl’s Cares® cause merchandise program. This year Kohl’s will be donating $141, 351 to Dayton Children’s. Dayton Children’s will be using this funding for our Kohl’s a Minute for Kids campaign. This year’s campaign will focus on the importance of healthy lifestyles for children and families.

The experts at Dayton Children’s will be sharing actionable tricks and tips for parents through a radio campaign and other print items to address childhood obesity and many of the challenges that go along with the disease. Since 1999, Kohl’s has donated more than $1,165,087 to Dayton Children’s through Kohl’s Cares®.

We are very grateful to Kohl’s Department Stores and the outreach work we are able to do because of their generosity!

For more information about the Kohl's a Minute for Kids campaign visit our website.

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